beauty tips

Ponds Cold Cream eye make up remover is so much easier to use rather than oil liquid remover.

1) Liquid make-up remover is messy. It spills all over your make-up bag and is super sticky

This is a picture of me holding a sticky bag of liquid eye make-up remover. It works pretty well but is soooooo messy. I threw it away.

2) This is me (happy) using my cold cream make-up remover. Its so nice to have your make-up come off…. like its suppose to!

3) You have changed my life Ponds cold cream eye make-up remover!

Take cotton balls, dip it in the cold cream and GENTLY rub your eyes


My mascara is finally out. I know you are suppose to change it every month but mine has kept me for at least 4 months. I didn’t notice any nasty stench so I used it daily. It has a dark green container… that’s how I know how to pick it out from the Clinique. This is a great Mascara
(picture from the Clinique website)
I love this shampoo and conditioner. I have dry chemically treated hair and these products give me pretty salon looking hair. And it smells so good which is a plus!

(from the bedhead website)
Clinique Moisture Surge. I put it on before I put my make up on. I have combination dry skin and this helps me even out the oily parts of my face and give “moisture” to my dry skin. It feels good on your face and lasts a pretty long time.


line it up

What is something most people don’t know? hmm.. I guess I’m part of “most people” so I wouldn’t know what most people don’t know because I’m “most people.” So I don’t know what I don’t know because I’m one of them. Yeah. Weird.

Anyway, lets start talking about eyeliner. I like eyeliner a lot. I wear all kinds of eyeliner products but my favorite is MAC fluidline liquid eyeliner. I’ve been wearing it for like 4 years now. It has changed my life. Its super awesome. I usually wear a mac pencil liner on my waterline. (WATERLINE: is the part of skin that your eyelashes grow on. If you lift up your lid and and apply a pencil liner, your eyelashes and eyeliner looks complete) You can find pencil liners anywhere!

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