Hello friends!

As you already know, I am always on the go. I am away from home pursuing a degree in communication at northwest University and I’m just trying to keep up with technology. Media takes over my generation. I can easily spend hours on blogs, twitter, youtube, facebook or checking email, browsing the web and listening to music. So I have decided to make a blog that gives you updates on the things going on in my life. I’m interning in Romania this summer and while I’m there I plan on document every moment of my trip. I want people in Romania to understand what its like to be a 21 year old student in america. I will share my thoughts, ideas and random encounters with people. I will not be shy. I’ll give you intreicate details about everything so beware! Facebook has already robbed me of anything being kept personal so might as well be an open book! (A book is something people use to read in the olden days. You held it in your hands and had to turn paper with ink on it.)

This is me!

Photo by: Kevin Russ

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