Assignment 2

I picked an entertainment blog to analyze.  I’ve become a fan of fashion blog. I think whoever developed this page knew who their audience was going to be, females 18-25. From the colors of the background to the sidebar advertisements, to the actual content of the site, the appeal to young females is inevitable.  They layout of the site is simple. You have a plan pink background and one column of blog posts. You will get an occasional flashing ad on the side bar but nothing that I cant turn off with a quick click on the “X.”

Other entertainment blogs feature many celebrities. The colors on the blog sites are bright and vibrant. They are light pink and have many pictures. Entertainment blog sites differ from most other genre sites like non-profit websites. When it comes to non-profits, they are all about sympathy and the cause. For example the, The brightest thing on the site is a bright red cross that symbolizes safety.

Different sites are made for different audiences. For each genre, you have different themes and different colors or layouts to attract different people.

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